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Flights by air taxi - Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo

Airplane transfer and helicopter charter from  Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

You  Flights to  Morro de São Paulo  are made by taxi  air  departing from Salvador, from the International Airport Luís Eduardo Magalhães. It is only 25 minutes away with beautiful landscapes. Plus, you don't need to check in like regular airlines. But, because times are limited, it is necessary to buy your ticket in advance. ​


O  air taxi to Morro de São Paulo  lands on  third beach  on the runway at Fazenda Caeira with the company Addey Taxi Aéreo  or on the fourth beach from where the company RR Aviantion (Aero Star Taxi Aéreo)  takes passengers with the vehicle to a support point located in the  Second Beach  called “Hotel Reception” from there, customers go to their inns or hotels.


Returning from Morro de São Paulo to Salvador with the Addey Taxi Aéreo, you have to go to the Fazenda Caeira airstrip 40 minutes before the flight. Access to the runway is on foot because it is closer to the village of Morro de São Paulo. For those who go with the Aero Star Taxi Aéreo that leaves the  fourth beach  the meeting point is at the hotel reception on the second beach at the end of the Vila das Pedras inn 1 hour before the flight, from there the company car leaves, which will take passengers to the airstrip.


Landing in Salvador takes place at Luis Eduardo Magalhães International Airport in the taxi hangar  From there, a small car transfer is made through the  5-minute air taxi company to the lobby  airline boarding passes.  Read about air taxi boarding rules!

Going by helicopter from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo allows you to save a good amount of travel time – after all, the air route is only 30 minutes – and it also allows you to have an incredible view on the way to the island, an attraction in itself. From the moment you leave Salvador, the helicopter flies over beautiful beaches, coconut palm farms and long stretches of white sand that give you an idea of the beauty you will find in Morro.


The air taxi offered by  Bahia Earth  is made in two types of aircraft, the Robson R44 helicopter (which has a capacity for 3 passengers + the pilot) and the Esquilo (which carries 5 passengers + the pilot), both of which make the trip in just half an hour. With beaches with clear waters ranging from blue to green and white sand, Morro de São Paulo completes its heavenly look with coconut groves and Atlantic forest that make up the perfect setting for tourists of all tastes: be it for those who prefer the tranquility of a beach calm or for those looking for action in bars and night parties.


are about  seven beaches that make up the coast of Morro de São Paulo , and Primeira Praia is the most traditionally portrayed in photos, as it is next to the famous Farol do Morro. But it is on the Second Beach that you can find the most popular restaurants by the sea and also a huge  zipline . For those looking for peace, go to Praia do Encanto or Gamboa.

Those who travel by air taxi from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo have much more time to explore not only the village's beaches, but also enjoy more of its restaurants, festivals and cultural and historical tours. This is because Morro has places full of history that refer to Colonial Brazil, such as the Nossa Senhora da Luz Church and the Morro Lighthouse.


In addition, tourists can enjoy all the comfort and structure of some  good hotels that Morro de São Paulo has , both those facing the sea and those located in the heart of the village, in Aureliano Lima square.

Helicopter flight from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

Are you going with a flight from Air Taxi to Morro de São Paulo?

Stay tuned for the tips below to make the most of your trip and board without problems!


  • Baggage:  Take small or medium sized suitcases (up to 120 cm – 20 cm x 35 cm x 65 cm), weighing a maximum of between 15 and 23 kg per passenger.

  • Excess baggage will not be carried, due to the specific condition for the model of the aircraft carrying out the flight. Remember that surfboards or similar cannot be transported.


  • Baggage load:  Carrying bags to the inn or hotel is not included in this service.


  • Animals:  Domestic or wild animals cannot be transported by Air Taxi.


  • Kids:  From zero to 23 months do not pay a fee. From 24 months onwards, they must pay the full price of the ticket.


  • Advance for boarding:  Always arrive 40 minutes before the flight schedule. Failure to comply with the schedule may result in forfeiture of the ticket.


  • On the show:  If you do not show up on the scheduled day and time, the ticket will be automatically canceled, with no refund.


  • Markdown:  Allowed when requested more than 72 hours before the flight. They will be made upon payment of an administrative fee of R$ 60 plus any tariff differences. After 72 hours before the flight, there will be no rebooking.


  • Cancellation:  Cancellation will be allowed when requested more than 72 hours before the flight, upon payment of a fee of R$45 and 20% on the fare. Remember that the refund will only be made to the person responsible for issuing the ticket. After 72 hours before the flight, there will be no refund.


  • Fare and travel date:  Your ticket is only valid for the dates specified on your ticket.


  • Delays:  Anticipating possible delays, variation in the minimum time adopted by other airlines to perform check-in and based on Article 230 of Law No. 7565/86 (Brazilian Aeronautics Code), Bahia Terra Turismo & Eventos is not responsible for connections with other airlines, as long as the minimum departure time of our flights for the connection is less than 3 hours for domestic routes and 3 hours for international routes.

  • Claims:  the receipt of the Baggage by the passenger without his/her immediate protest regarding any damages assumes its good condition and relieves Bahia Terra Turismo e Eventos of any responsibility.

  • Climate conditions:  For your safety, Bahia Terra Turismo e Eventos reserves the right to postpone flights due to unfavorable weather conditions.

  • Payment conditions:  Your payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Deposit or bank transfer (e-mail confirmation required)

  • Credit Card + 5% ISS.

  • After payment, you will receive your e-ticket  (flight voucher) within 48 hours. Take this voucher on the day of the flight and present it at departure time.

Air Taxi Boarding Rules - Morro de São Paulo

Air taxi map and route to Morro de São Paulo

See on the map below all the detailed air taxi itinerary for  arrive in Morro de São Paulo from Salvador airport.

Mapa rota Morro
  • Schedules  Salvador air taxi to Morro de São Paulo

  • 8:30 am air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • 12:00 air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • 12:30 am air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • 3:30 pm air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • Schedules  air taxi  Morro de São Paulo to Salvador

  • 9:15 am air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • 13:15 air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • 2:00 pm air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

  • 16:15 air taxi time, ticket price  R$ on request per person

Payment methods for air taxi transfer to Morro de São Paulo


  1. Bank transfer - no surcharge 

  2. Credit card  - Payment insurance - 5% increase

  3. Credit Card - Paypal - 8% surcharge 

Air taxi transfer booking procedure - step by step


  1. Correctly fill in the booking form below

  2. We will receive at our central  and return with booking confirmation and payment details

  3. Make payment and send the receipt to our  email

  4. Upon receipt of the voucher, we will send the voucher to your e-mail to carry out the shipment. 

Air taxi company phone from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

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