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first beach

most frequented by the locals

Small and quiet, the first beach in Morro de São Paulo is frequented by native surfers. From there, it is possible to view the Morro Lighthouse. It's a beach with a small extension of 300 meters on average, frequented quite a bit by the residents of Morro, but you can enjoy a delicious bath or for those who like to swim, it's the ideal place. The beach also provides you with a view of a beautiful landscape, which makes the walk a pleasant one.


Here is also the stopping point for the zipline and there are some inns and summer houses, this beach was one of the first to attract vacationers to Morro de São Paulo. It also serves as an exit from the diving point. Ah! here on this beach you can see the  catamaran  arriving in Morro de São Paulo.

Second Beach

the hottest

THE  more agitated  Morro de São Paulo beach  with about 400 meters in length, it is the meeting point for local people and tourists, calm waters and at low tide they form beautiful natural pools, volleyball and footvolley frescobol people are present every day on the second beach, a lot of beautiful people from all over the world meet here,  numerous bars and restaurants with live music and great infrastructure for tourists.


At night there is the wooden walkway where local caipifrutas set up their stalls and serve drinks with fruits from our region, some stalls sell food and snacks. The restaurants at night illuminate their tables with candles leaving the atmosphere very romantic and pleasant for couples, the varied restaurants on the second beach of Morro de São Paulo serve typical and international food.

Here on the second beach there are great accommodation options with good  structure for leisure and fun, inns and hotels on this beach are among the best in Morro de São Paulo.

At the end of the beach there is one of the postcards of Morro de São Paulo, the Ilha da Saudade that divides the second beach from the third beach. Looking closely, you can also see the  catamaran  arriving or leaving Morro de São Paulo.

Discover the beaches of  Morro de São Paulo

Come by catamaran to Morro de São Paulo and discover  the most beautiful beaches in Bahia, see below:

Third Beach

in the midst of tranquility and hustle

With 800 meters long, full of natural pools when the tide is low, this beach is ideal for diving and kayaking and stand up paddle trips, in the open sea in the middle of the beach there is a small island called Caitá. It is possible to rent one kayak or stand up board and keep paddling there.  

When the tide fills the strip of sand practically hiding, the walk is made by a walkway that runs almost the entire length of the third beach.


The tour departs from the island of Tinharé here from the third beach around 09:30 in the morning or according to the tide, the boat trips to Argila da Gamboa and Ponta do Curral also depart from this same location. In addition to the departure of the tours, here is the airstrip at Fazenda Caeira where the  air taxi flights to Salvador  taking just 25 minutes to the airport in Salvador.


The third beach is in the middle of the hustle and tranquility, as it has the popular second beach next to it and on the other side the tranquility of the fourth beach and Praia do Encanto.

The structure of inns is excellent, and the restaurants serve typical Bahian food.