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⚠️ Atenção! ⚠️

O Transporte Marítimo  pode ser alterado para o semi-terrestre sem aviso prévio  portanto contrate o seu transporte de retorno 7 a 8 horas antes do horário de partida do seu voo. 

Leia nossa política antes de efetuar a compra.



- Alerta da Marinha 

- Decisão do capitão da embarcação

- Problemas mecânicos na embarcação

Schedules and Reservations - Catamaran to Morro de São Paulo

Catamaran transfer times from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo every day – advance reservations.

Catamaran Schedule - Salvador / Morro de São Paulo

  • 8:30 am catamaran or boat - Value R$113.00 

  • 09:00 catamaran - Value R$113.00 

  • 10:30 am catamaran or boat - Value R$113.00 

  • 1:00 pm catamaran - Value R$113.00 

  • 2:30 pm catamaran - Value R$113.00 

  • Departure from the Tourist and Nautical Terminal

  • Expected duration  2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Capacity from 25 to 128 passengers

Catamaran Schedule - Morro de São Paulo / Salvador

  • 09:00 catamaran - Value R$ 111.11

  • 11:30 am catamaran - Value R$ 111.11

  • 1:00 pm catamaran or motorboat - Value R$111.11 

  • 2:30 pm catamaran or motorboat - Value R$111.11 

  • 3:00 pm catamaran - Value R$ 111.11

  • Departure from Morro Maritime Terminal

  • Expected duration  2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Capacity from 25 to 128 passengers

Company telephone number from Catamaran to Morro de São Paulo

Office hours: from 8 am to 8 pm | Email:
Phones:  +55 (75) 3653 - 6124 |  3653 - 6017
(For questions and information, we do not make reservations over the phone)

Heads up:  the catamaran trip can be changed without prior notice to the semi-terrestrial option, due to weather problems, if the sea is too rough, windy, as in a storm situation, the Port Authority (NAVY) prohibits the crossing between Salvador and Morro de São Paulo, or also due to mechanical problems on the vessel, if that happens, the catamaran companies that make the crossing and place their customers on the regular semi-terrestrial at no cost to the customers. Click and see how the  semi-terrestrial .

  1. To fill in  and submit the form data on the side correctly.

  2. We will receive the request on our email and respond with payment details and booking confirmation.

  3. Make payment and forward  the receipt  to email  in case of bank transfer.

  4. In the case of credit card, we will send you a payment link from  Payment insurance  or  Paypal.

  5. We will confirm the payment and send the vouchers by email to perform and confirm the services.

How to buy your ticket?

For an additional R$ 60.00 per person, you can add to your reservation the Airport Transfer to the maritime terminal where the catamaran leaves for Morro de São Paulo.

Transfer from Airport to Catamaran - Maritime Terminal

  • 100% online process, just  fill the form  here from the website;

  • Payment via bank transfer, 0% service taxi;

  • Card  credit  issued in Brazil via  Pagseguro, 5% service taxi;

  • Credit card issued abroad via  Paypal, service taxi 8%;

How to pay for the catamaran to Morro de São Paulo?

Morro de São Paulo is a unique destination, where you'll find everything you need to spend a great vacation: history, nature, wonderful beaches, tranquility, leisure and dozens of activities and places to visit that you won't see in any other destination.

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