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 CATAMARÃ - MORRO DE SÃO PAULO  Tudo sobre catamarã para Morro de São Paulo


Discover the best way to enjoy one of the most popular routes in Brazil


Apart from the stability and security offered by this type of vessel, all protocols are strictly followed, meeting the standards required by the Captaincy of the Ports of Bahia. In addition, the catamarans have an experienced crew trained to face any situation with maximum safety.


The catamarans are spacious, offer a heated indoor area with comfortable seats and another outdoor space through which it is possible to circulate, in addition to an area for storing luggage. Everything planned to provide greater comfort during the crossing.


With the catamaran, you leave Salvador and go to Morro de São Paulo without having to take any other means of transport. Just settle in and enjoy the journey until you reach your destination. In addition, making your reservation online, you gain even more convenience.

How to get from Catamaran to Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is situated on a car-free island, just 64 km south of Salvador , Bahia. Access is exclusively done by boat or plane .

The transfer by Catamaran from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo leaves in front of the Mercado Modelo in the maritime and nautical terminal of Salvador, the trip takes an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes depending on weather conditions, the distance between Salvador and Morro de São Paulo is 64 km or 34 nautical miles.

Catamaran trips from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo, round trip, take place daily, being operated by three shipping companies:

  • Biotur: 100 and 128 seats.

  • Ilha Bela: 85 seats and 25-seat speedboat.

  • Morro Lighthouse: 100 seats.

Want to travel to Morro de São Paulo? Bahia Terra Turismo offers transfers with the comfort you want by Catamaran or Speed Boat on the way, Salvador to Morro de São Paulo.

See schedules from Catamaran to Morro de São Paulo.

mapa catamara morro de sp

Catamaran Schedules

Check the hours and prices of each company  partner of Bahia Terra Turismo.


Salvador to Morro de São Paulo



Hill from São Paulo to Salvador




Salvador to Morro de São Paulo



Hill from São Paulo to Salvador



Transfer de Salvador para Morro de São Paulo

Transfer from Salvador to  Morro de São Paulo

You can include in the Catamaran service the Land Transfer in Salvador that leaves the airport and takes you to the maritime terminal where you board or the Air Transfer that leaves the international airport and goes straight to Morro de São Paulo, which makes your trip even easier. trip .

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