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Biotur catamaran

Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

More comfort on the way to and from Morro de São Paulo, find out about Biotur's schedule:

Catamarans are vessels made of fiber coated wood, which provide stability and speed when traveling at sea. They are ideal for maritime routes, such as Salvador - Morro de São Paulo. With the Catamarã Biotur, it is possible to make this trip with all the comfort and infrastructure you are looking for.

Biotur is a partner of Bahia Terra and operates with daily trips between Salvador and Morro de São Paulo, in two schedules, with availability between 100 and 128 seats, depending on the vessel.

The Catamarã Biotur has padded seats, air conditioning, television, on-board service and exclusive luggage space, in addition to all the necessary safety features, such as a compass, GPS, radio communication, life jackets and a first aid kit. Everything to guarantee you and your family a comfortable, safe and peaceful trip.

Biotur catamaran - timetables and prices

  • Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

  • Hours: 9:00 am and 2:30 pm – R$ 113.00 per person

  • Morro de São Paulo to Salvador 

  • Hours: 11:30 am and 3:00 pm – R$111.11 per person

  • The estimated journey time from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Morro de São Paulo is a village with idyllic beaches and beautiful landscapes. It is located on Tinharé Island, off the coast of Bahia. Residents of Morro de São Paulo are hospitable and know how to welcome visitors. Access to the island is only made by plane or boat, as is the case with the Catamarã Biotur. Cars do not travel around the island.  


Morro de São Paulo  has programs for all tastes and ages. On the one hand, you can enjoy the tranquility of the village and its beautiful beaches, on the other, you can enjoy the bustling nightlife, which has many parties. The village of Morro de São Paulo has attractions to please couples, families, singles and groups of friends. There are tours for all tastes and budgets: it is possible to visit neighboring islands, take tours around the island of Tinharé, do ecological trails and learn about the history of Morro de São Paulo visiting historical museums.

Discover Morro de São Paulo with the Catamarã Biotur

About Biotur Transportes Marítimos

Are you going by Catamaran Biotur? So, rest assured: your trip will be safe and enjoyable. Learn a little more about its history.


History of Biotur


THE  Biotur Maritime Transport  it has existed since 1972, when founder Lourival Vieira de Brito returned to Vila de Gamboa do Morro, after some time working in Salvador.​  That's when he opened a bar and bought his first boat. At first, the company provided daily transport for merchants from Gamboa to the city of Valença.

Over the years, Lourival has conquered customers with a differentiated service, sometimes transporting just one passenger, if necessary, something that other companies did not do. Thus, the business ended up growing and other vessels were acquired, until in 1987, a new vessel was ready: the “Brisa Triônica I” and arrived to revolutionize maritime transport in the region and serve tourists who were beginning to discover the beauties of Morro from Sao Paulo.


The boat, with a capacity for 300 passengers, also carried a good amount of commercial cargo, contributing to the region's development.​  Thus, Morro de São Paulo, increasingly attracting tourists, made the demand for transport grow and in 1989 it was necessary to inaugurate the “Brisa Triônica II” with capacity for 115 passengers.


Over time, new companies emerged with similar vessels, until again, Lourival decided to innovate in the sector by introducing the  catamaran  on route. The catamaran is the ideal vessel for crossings in the open sea, providing greater speed and safety, as it offers more stability thanks to the two canoes at its ends.


AND  so, in 1996, he decided to have the Gamboa do Morro catamaran built, which took three years to complete. In that same year, the company Biotur, Biônica Transporte e Turismo Marítimo Ltda., was legally constituted, replacing the original company after making the transition of all its employees.​  The Gamboa do Morro catamaran continued to lead the crossing until 2002, when a new catamaran of the company entered into service: the “Bionics of Tinharé” and later the “Morro de São Paulo”.


Today, Biotur is one of the main tourism companies on the island, offering trips with Biotur catamarans and tours with safety and comfort for tourists who want to know and  to arrive well in Morro de São Paulo .

Catamara Biotur

Bionic Catamaran of Tinharé

The catamaran “Bionics of Tinharé” has capacity for 128 passengers and sails with 4 crew qualified by the Captaincy of Ports. Its total length is 21 meters and its maximum width is 7.5 meters.

The Tinharé Bionics is a vessel suitable for navigation on the open sea and offers safety and stability to its passengers. In addition, it has all the necessary equipment for safe navigation and circulation spaces for passengers.

Altogether, there are several environments, between the bow, the stern, the passenger lounge, luggage rack and two bathrooms, one female and the other male. Some of the areas have air conditioning for the comfort of travelers.

Gamboa do Morro catamaran

The catamaran “Gamboa do Morro” has the capacity to transport 100 passengers and its team is made up of 3 crew qualified by the Port Authority.

The total length of Gamboa do Morro is just over 18 meters and its maximum width is 8 meters.

Gamboa do Morro is authorized to sail in open sea and its passengers can circulate through the bow, stern and the air-conditioned passenger lounge. In addition, its two bathrooms are always available, as well as the luggage compartment that makes crossing more comfortable.

Morro de São Paulo catamaran

The catamaran “Morro de São Paulo” has the same capacity as the Tinharé Bionic. Its 21 meters in length and 7.5 meters in maximum width comfortably serve 128 passengers. In addition, its crew consists of 4 professionals qualified to cross the open sea.

Passengers traveling on the Morro de São Paulo catamaran have at their disposal the air-conditioned lounge, the bow and stern to enjoy the scenery during the crossing and two bathrooms. In addition, the luggage carrier accommodates travelers' bags for greater comfort and safety.

It should be noted that all Biotur catamarans have a hull built in fiberglass and have the appropriate safety equipment, such as GPS, compass, Eco Sonda, VHF radio, emergency pyrotechnics and first aid kit, which guarantee a totally safe trip. in case something unforeseen happens. In addition, all passengers travel with mandatory insurance.  

And to offer even greater convenience during the crossing, passengers also have on-board service for travelers who want to make some consumption.

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