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Catamaran  Beautiful island

Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

Get to Morro de São Paulo quickly, comfortably and safely, there are two daily schedules

Morro de São Paulo is only accessible by boat or plane. Therefore, if you are planning to spend your vacation on this paradise island, it is worth visiting the catamaran and the fast boat Ilha Bela. Ilha Bela Transportes Marítimos is a partner of Bahia Terra and offers daily trips between Salvador and Morro de São Paulo, with agility, safety and comfort to passengers.

There are two options for boats on Ilha Bela: it is possible to travel on the catamaran, which has 85 seats, or on the fast boat, which has a capacity for up to 25 people. Both boats are fast, comfortable and safe. The trip in any of them takes, on average, two hours.

Normally, the company decides at the time of embarkation which vessel should use Ilha Bela Transportes Marítimos. It is the company that operates a speedboat to Morro de São Paulo. Biotur and Farol do Morro normally use catamarans.

Catamaran  Ilha Bela - Schedules  to Morro de São Paulo

  • Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

  • Hours: 8:30 am and 10:30 am - R$ 113.00 per person

  • Morro de São Paulo to Salvador

  • Hours: 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm - R$ 111.11 per person

  • Estimated time is 2 hours and 30 minutes

About Ilha Bela Transportes Marítimos

Ilha Bela Transportes Marítimos was founded in 1998 and operates with crew qualified by the Captaincy of the Ports of Bahia. The company's vessels, catamarans and the Ilha Bela speedboat, offer safety, stability and speed. The Ilha Bela III catamaran is the company's latest vessel, with capacity for 85 seated passengers and a structure with padded seats, on-board service, two bathrooms and an exclusive space for luggage.

The company's boats have a capacity for up to 35 passengers comfortably seated. With a DM 38 structure, the speedboats cross the ocean on the way to  Salvador to Morro de São Paulo  with agility and security. Both the catamaran and the Ilha Bela speedboat are equipped with all the necessary safety items to give you and your family peace of mind, such as buoys, life jackets, communication radios, GPS and first-aid medication.

The company generally decides at the time of the tour which is the most suitable vessel and which will be used at the time, according to the number of passengers and sea conditions.


But your satisfaction is guaranteed on any of the vessels!

It is also possible to charter or rent the catamaran and the Ilha Bela speedboat to discover the islands and paradisiacal beaches of the region in total comfort and privacy. That way, you choose the best time for the tours and enjoy this freedom with your family and friends.

Catamara Ilha Bela III

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